About us.

Tell Your Idea is an assembly of professionals from many fields. The fundamental concept of this initiation came from the realization that too many genius ideas are going to waste all around the globe because of different reasons.

The goal of Tell Your Idea is to find the most innovative and unique ideas and turn these visions into reality.

No matter if your idea is for a commercial app, some superb online service (games, financial, cloud computing, big data, etc.) or you just want to kick off with something similar, we are the proper entrepreneur for your concept. Our service is here to explore the greatest potentials and make them the leading projects of our future. All you have to do is to submit your concept on our website, the rest of the work is up to us.

For every sparkling new idea which fits our interest we offer a reward and/or a share of the new project company.

Besides helping all inventors - regardless of age, nationality or any other boundaries -, our goal is to build a brighter future where ’a dream came true’ is not only an imaginary term but a possibility for anybody.

So do not hesitate, Tell Your Idea now to present the next milestone of modern age developments!