This is how it works.

Tell us your idea.

If you have a genius concept or just a slight thought about any kind of IT-related development that you’d like to see come true, this is the time to let it flow.
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We review it.

We carefully review each and every idea we receive. In the course of analyzing the potential behind your idea, we take all aspects, details and possible implementations in consideration.
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We start to make it real.

After all consideration if we recognize the idea is truly outstanding and worth to start developing it, our real work starts together. We will build up the idea from scratch and establish a new company on it, based on the business model that suits the idea the best.
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You get rewarded.

If your idea starts to be implemented, you’ll get your money in a few business days, plus you’d also receive funds in the future from your share of the company - if that is the reward package you have chosen.
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If you have an idea you would like to share with us there is no reason to hesitate, just Tell your idea now!

I have an idea

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