Frequently asked questions.


Who are behind the project?

There is a great core team behind TellYourIdea who are working on this project full time. Our network of professional partners are a premium selection of companies who desire to change the way they seek and find new business ideas. All of them are successful investors, entrepreneurs or professionals on their own specialization. We selected this wide range of partners to promote them great concepts that otherwise might get lost.

What is TellYourIdea?

TellYourIdea is a platform where people can tell and sell their ideas which they are not able to bring alive for some reason – let that be the lack of time, money or just not having the necessary infrastructure. TellYourIdea provides a great opportunity to sell brilliant ideas and let them come true. The goal of TellYourIdea is to break down those barriers standing in the way of genius ideas coming to our everyday lives. No need to find potential investors, no need to travel to distant locations, no need to raise financing, no need to take risks by starting a company, no legal struggle – TellYourIdea solves everything.

How does it work?

Just tell us your idea and we share it with our carefully selected network of professional partners. Your idea will be accessible by these investors and if it fits them, they develop it and you get rewarded. This is a unique procedure as investors normally finance start-up companies and not ideas themselves. TellYourIdea takes the problem out of your shoulder and handles everything to give you and your idea the best chance.

This type of service is very unique and – unlike agents who ask great fix fees – we offer you our services free of charge. So what are you waiting for, give yourself a chance!


What kind of ideas are welcome?

Since our network of professional partners are mainly interested in the IT-related world, we are open for new ideas for applications, websites, online services (these may include games, cloud computing, big data, or actually any kind of solution that comes to your imagination).

Do you review every submitted idea, one by one?

Yes, we do. We take your idea seriously and we review it carefully. After that we can give access to our network of professional partners to see it in our database. Of course, you will be notified about each step of the reviewing process on your Dashboard and by email.

Can I see someone else’s idea?

No. We keep confidential all the submitted ideas. We only give access to the ideas to those potential investors who pass through our filter and bind themselves to strict confidentiality clauses.

Is there any idea that you won't accept?

Of course, e.g. if you have a great idea how to colonize Mars, you can tell us about it, but the guys at NASA might better fit your needs. Despite that, we are always pushing our own boundaries, so you are just better off with submitting your idea and the worst that can happen is we say: not yet.

Is there any idea which is a “taboo”?

We are not dealing with any ideas supporting the spread of racism, inequality, hatred. We also leave the 18+ industry to others.

What kind of legal things do I have to deal with when giving you my idea?

Do not worry, we try to make it as simple for you as possible, read and accept the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

And you only have to have a bank account to be able to receive the money in case of one of our partners buys or reserves your idea.

What guarantees that you don’t steal my idea?

We imagine that your Idea to you is the most precious thing, the same way TellYourIdea is our most precious thing – so we treat it the best way we can. Our mission is to effectively help great ideas being realized through our services. Our vision is to become the most important channel between idea thinkers and investors so that no great idea would be wasted. We do think big and not going to jeopardize the success of our TellYourIdea business by misusing the faith of our users/clients. We ensure you that we will abide the rules of our General Terms and Conditions. We select our professional partners very carefully and do our utmost to protect your idea and our TellYourIdea business.

Idea submission

Who can see my idea if I submit it?

Subject to your idea passing through our own first evaluation procedure our network of professional partners will be able to see your idea. They are investors who went through our selection process and who really have the intention and capability to start something new. They have a wide range of experience, mainly in the IT-related world.

How deeply should I explain my idea?

TellYourIdea is for those who do not want to bother with detailed analysis, business modelling, patenting, permitting, start-up companies, fund raising, etc. There is no need to work out your idea in details; just tell your idea to us the best way you can – great ideas will always find their way through to our professional partners.

Why have my idea got moderated?

Your idea will get moderated in case it violates our content policy. For further information please see our General Terms and Conditions.

How many ideas can I submit?

If you have more than one brilliant concept in your mind, don’t worry, you can submit all of them one by one.

What happens if the same idea is submitted by more than one person?

No idea can be exactly the same, so even if someone has already uploaded something similar, your idea may just have that extra tiny difference that distinguishes it form others’. So feel free to upload it and we will do our best to let it be your idea that gets chosen by our professional partners.

How long will it take for you to accept my idea?

We do our best to do the first analysis of your idea and – subject to passing this fitler of ours – list it in our database as soon as possible, but latest within 5 days. As we are analyzing all submitted ideas one by one, sometimes it may take a little longer.

You will receive dashboard and email notifications after each step, and we may contact you for additional information about your concept via email.

What means reservation status?

If your idea raises the interest of a potential investor of ours, but that company may need time to do a feasibility search or have an internal discussion about its viability, they have the option to reserve your idea. Such reservation secures them priority in purchasing such idea by temporarily hiding the idea away from any other potential investors looking at our database. Reserving an idea by a potential investors also gives them the right to contact you with any clarification questions they may come across during their internal evaluation process. We treat all your data confidentially so your email address will not be visible to anyone. These possible questions from the potential investors can only reach you through the system of TellYourIdea in an anonymous way. We do encourage you to answer these questions as it may greatly improve the chance of your idea being purchased by them. As a motivational reward we offer you a Reservation Fee (see our Price List) for every reservation of your idea.

What is my job during the reservation status?

There is only one requirement: please respond to any questions regarding your idea within the shortest period of time to your best knowledge.


How do I get my money if my idea is reserved or sold?

If one of our partners reserves or buys your idea we will contact you in order to get your bank account number to transfer your money within 30 working days following the investor has paid for it. Alternatively, you may anytime fill in your bank account details in the “my profile” section of TellYourIdea website.

How much money can I have for my idea?

If your idea gets chosen by one of our professional partners for realization, you will get USD 5000. TellYourIdea team will pass this sum to you by bank transfer once the said professional partner has paid it.


I’m under 18. is that a problem?

No. We don’t think age should be a restriction of genius. The only thing is that we need your parents or guardians to do the registration for you and accept the terms.

Why do you need my email address?

It is just for your own sake. We need a unique identifier for you which can prove that you are the legitimate owner of the submitted idea.

Besides that, your Dashboard and your email address are the primary channels for us to reach you.

Rest assured that we are not giving your email address to anyone, for that purpose please refer to our Privacy Policy.

I have signed up, but cannot login

Please check if you are really trying to log in to the site with the email and password you used for registration. If it is still not working, click here to get a new password.

I cannot access with my email account.

In that case, you need to contact our support team.

The dates on the site are confusing

For every idea, we display the submission date on the dashboard. If something is still not right, check out the time zone settings on your profile page.


How does the invitation system work?

It is quite simple. If you invite a friend to submit an Idea and it gets selected for development, you’ll get a reward of 500 USD. Of course if your friend has been invited by someone else (we display this information about your invitees on the Invite page), you need to find others to invite.