This is how it works

Tell us your idea.

If you have a genius concept or just a slight thought about any kind of IT-related development that you’d like to see come true, this is the time to let it flow. There is no need to submit a complex business model; just tell us your idea the best way you can!  Check our FAQ >

Your idea gets reviewed.

We carefully review each and every idea we receive. If we think that’s a great one we will include it into our database. Check our terms for further details >

Your idea is accessible.

Your idea will be accessible for our network of professional partners who are potential investors. They can ask some more details and think about the potential behind your idea. They can reserve your idea for a short period of time to exclusively analyze the rationale behind. Reservation already makes you earn some money, too. Check our FAQ >

Your idea is selected & and you get rewarded.

If a professional partner of ours recognize that your idea is truly outstanding and worth to start developing it, they can select and buy it.  When it happens you’ll get paid USD 5,000. Check our FAQ >

If you have an idea you would like to share with us there is no reason to hesitate, just TellYourIdea now!

I have an idea

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If you still have questions check out our FAQ >